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Waterford Demolition LTD has emerged as one of the leading team who engaged installation, service, maintain, calibration & crane dismantling work related to heavy machinery industry in Ireland.

Waterford Demolition LTD has over 15 years experience and technical knowledge of crane and extends its experience to its distributors and the final customers as requested. It is important to address the crane dismantling from the start of the project planning process to obtain the best results. We offer our technicians to all those that would like our assistance anywhere in the world. In addition, we can provide specific solutions to recover internal climbing cranes. All our assembly, crane dismantling, and service teams are the finest experts on cranes.

Although on the face of it this project looked to be fraught with difficulties with the physical size of the gantry cranes, with the skill, knowledge, and experience of the Ainscough onsite team the project was successfully completed safely and on time to the complete satisfaction of the client.

Client Jobs: Doyle Shipping Group

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