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Construction of Basement Fall Out Shelters with Excavation and Underpinning to create a safe space for you and your family.

Fallout shelters are enclosed shelters designed to protect people from radioactive fallout or radioactive debris as a result of a nuclear explosion. They built to be able to support people for long enough to allow radiation levels to fall to safe levels after a nuclear detonation.

Fallout shelters can be used for a long period of time, this means that it provides filtered air, has clean drinking water and food for long enough to allow the radiation to drop to an acceptable level.

Fallout Shelters Ireland

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The first time the need for fallout shelters arose was shortly after the culmination of World War II, during the so-called Cold War. Shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis emerged, which again threatened a nuclear confrontation. There are reportedly around 258 nuclear bunkers located around the UK.

Basement fallout shelters vs.  Above Ground Fallout Shelters

Basement fallout shelter is a type of shelters are located in a basement to build walls of considerable thickness. A basement shelter budget depends on whether you are to build a new basement or a recondition the one you already own. You need to make sure that the basement is structurally sound before using it as a safe place to stay during a natural or man-made catastrophe. Having a safe haven in your basement is a great idea for a disaster preparedness scenario. Just step downstairs and close the door behind you if things feel a little shaky.

If you’re living in a home with no basement, all is not lost. An Above Ground Fallout Shelter is another option for you. Fallout shelters are not always underground. Above ground buildings with walls and roofs dense enough to afford a meaningful protection factor can be used as a fallout shelter. Effective public shelters can be the middle floors of some tall buildings or parking structures.

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