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Marine Demolition and Marine Dredging Services Ireland and the UK

Marine Demolition requires the specialist machinery and plant equipment, expert work force and management to safely carry out and complete projects of this nature.

Waterford Demolition Ltd offer a wide range of marine based demolition or dismantling projects, across Ireland, based on our knowledge and experience of many different projects that normal demolition contractors would not be qualified to undertake. We specialise in underwater cutting, and use specialist machines to carefully remove sections of steel, concrete and timer from under water.

We can offer you cost effective, safe and environmentally sound solutions so you can rest assured that your needs are met professionally by the experts.

Our marine demolition services include:

  • Removal of steel & concrete from below water.
  • Removal of quay walls.
  • Removal of bridges and offshore installations.
  • Dismantling of piers and jetties.
  • Responsible removal and disposal of the recovered materials.
  • We welcome new challenges.

Marine Dredging

The beds of lakes, harbours, rivers and ponds get covered in mud, weeds, plants and other rubbish and need to be cleared. At Waterford Demolition we can offer you first class dredging services to remove these and place them elsewhere. This will ensure that the harbours and rivers remain navigable and lakes and ponds do not get overgrown with weeds and rubbish.

We can offer flexible solutions to the mutual satisfaction of port authorities, environmentalists, environmental regulators and clients.

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