Oil Spill

Toxic Oil Spillage Clean Up

A toxic oil spillage causes serious pollution issues that can impact your health, damage your home and have long lasting consequences for the environment. Therefore, it is necessary to call in the experts with specialist equipment to minimise the damage, clean up the oil spill and ensure that no further damage will occur.

We provide Oil Spill Ireland services that puts all of our industrial specializations to work for you at once.  Oil damage that quick action can prevent the following:

  • Oil Stains On Walls And Flooring
  • Fire Dangers
  • Fume Exposure
  • Slippery Falling Hazards
  • Skin Irritation

Health and Safety Concerns

For high risk e.g. toxic substances it is essential to ensure that where materials have been spilled a comprehensive clean-up is undertaken to remove any hazardous residues. We can clean up high risk spills using hazmat suits and where necessary self-contained breathing apparatus to allow us to clean up substances safely without endangering our personnel and leaving the site safe for yours.

Environmental Concerns

An oil spill is also a hazardous form of pollution which is known to affect wildlife and plants. It is also an immediate fire hazard if not removed and cleaned straight away. We can also facilitate the removal of oil from contaminated waters or soil. Contaminated soil can have a major effect on the environment, limiting the growth of all plants and trees around the area. Our operators are trained in cleaning up liquid, solid and part-solids, sludge or gas and disposing of it safely.

Safety at an oil spill cleanup site is our top priority. If you’ve had an oil spill in or outside your Kilkenny and surrounding areas home or business, it’s essential that you act quickly.  For a complete oil damage inspection or to schedule cleanup contact us for our Oil Spill Ireland  services today.

Waterford Demolition Ltd can assist with spills from domestic heating oil leaks to commercial or industrial oil spillage.

WDL provides an oil spill cleaning service, at any home, business premises, road or pathway where an oil spill has occurred. They also will organise a loss assessor to carry out a report for your insurers. In most cases your insurance will cover the remedial work required to clean up the oil.  This may include excavation of the site to remove the bulk of the contamination and to dispose of this waste safely. We will also treat the area to break down the toxins and assess any damage to buildings that may need remedial work.

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